Trade Portfolio Manager - Trader Newsletter Service

Share your Simple or Complex Options Trades on your Own Site

Track Performance on your Options Trading Accounts

Track all of your stock and options trade that you send out for your newsletter or subscription services

Share Full Trade Details for your Newsletter Site

Share your trade details and notes on every trade that you share for your subscription service

Customize the Look of your Own Site

Customize your own site to blend with your look and feel



TPM provides the service to help manage and organize your stock and options trades. This service allows you to share your trades on your own website for your users to view. You can show your performance, open trades, closed trades, and all of your trade details on how you entered and exited the trade. Each trade allows you to keep track of all your transaction, notes, ROI, and much more. TPM Trade Education Service gives you with everything you need to give your users full look at your current trades and trading history.


Customized Programming

TPM can help you program you site to make the trades look exactly how you want them.*

Setup a Demo Today

Setup a demo today to see how Trade Portfolio Manager can help your newsletter or subscription provide a better user experience to your customers.

*Custom Programming Costs Extra

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